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Art Of Decision Making

Art Of Decision Making What is this lets have a insider look over it…


When we talk of life, People have so many definitions of life. For a child life is that you just have enough toys that is life, for a teenager having a girl friend or a boy friend is a life, for a   businessman money, power, prestige that is life, for a simple house wife for her life is simply a kitchen. Having so many definitions of life but actually what  life is all about.

Life is nothing but choices we make.  what we are, we are nothing but bunch of choices. If we look at our psychophysical nature our   entire existence is nothing but the choices we have already made previously and choices we are  making now in present  will make our future. Every single choice has a ripple effect in our very life. Therefore, we can conclude life is moment by  moment choices that we keep making but then million dollar question come what about these two categories right choice and wrong choice what  are right and what are wrong choice. To begin with in order to understand this dilemma. First thing we should keep in mind that  there is never a wrong time to make a right choice or right decision like here is one very  famous   anecdote by a successful CEO of successful cooperation  one interviewer asked him what is the secret of your success the answer was simply two words the RIGHT DECISIONS, then interviewer asked but my dear sir how do you make right decisions answer came in one word EXPERIENCE again interviewer but how do you get  that experience answer came in in two words WRONG DECISIONS. It means even if we make wrong decisions we get the experience and by using our intelligence by learning from them we can come to right decisions. Why wrong choices are more prominent than right choices. Have you experienced yourself always in dilemma of choices what to choose and most of the time we make wrong choices, always having dilemma but how to overcome this. We all had experience MCQ I in our exams what is the actual purpose behind the MCQ out of 5 only one will be right and 4 will be wrong. It becomes difficult when choices are closs by isn’t it. In MCQ kind of thing what is the mentality are they are trying to test your ignorance NO!  They are basically testing your ability to make  right choice. So when we are dealing with life  or life issues we are going much much more deeper then only MCQ type dilemma . We play this dice game every moment YES, NO, MAY BE…YES, NO, MAY BE….

Indecisive syndrome we always go through this. When we talking of choices that is we are talking about our choice muscles. That we use every moment in our daily life some examples are like which food should i have chinese or desi or should I have desi Chinese combo,  which actor movie should I watch  Sharukh khan or  Amir khan..again choices..should I do BA OR MA OR MCA…what to do …our choice muscles worked out …which car should I get BMW or Audi or simple Maruti 800, choices in career which career to opt whether doctor or  engineer or shuld I join JNU, while choosing spouse working girl as a wife or non working house wife…..singular or plural…understanding the life is  nothing but moment by moment choices we make.  Humans have the power of discrimination we can discriminate between good or bad, we have preferences that is likes and dislikes and above that we have conscience.

Combination of these three leads us to some decision that we make. Here is one example of these three factors how they are used to  make decision. On cigarette packs  it is mentioned  smoking is injurious to health and we see also  many are suffering through many dangerous diseases, people can discriminate can see these things  but then comes our  preferences what I like and what I don’t this  leads our choice  as because I like smoking so despite being using our discriminating ability we go for smoking we choose to smoke which is not a right decision.On a seriouas note our choices should not only based on our preferences. To make a right decision we have to rise from discrimination to preference and then to conscience to make a  choice .

Now we have to the point of  ART OF DECISION MAKING. It means first knowing the differences between discrimination preferences and choices. So wen we are  talking of these three:

Discrimination means at physical level, preferences means emotional and mental level and choices means conscience. When we are talking of choices we are talking of  using our conscience.

Conscience depends upon our values. In life yes there will be many blood sucker but if your value which is very well founded then whatever will be your situation your decision making will be based on your values that will leads to right decision making.

Three C’S in art of decision making give us more insight in decision making..




You must take a choice to take chance to have changes.

Now lets see the CAR technique to make right decisions:






When CHOICES are made looking into consequences leads to right choices

first step for decision making look the consequences…

there are two things in Decision making..

two things in decision making : will power means courage to say yes, yes to right things despite being not liking, won’t power courage to say no, no to wrong things…


Finally compiling  the various steps in decision making

identify the problem ->gather information->identify alternatives-> focus on immediate and  long term consequences -> finally make the best choice.


Unless put it in action it’s  not going to be of any value

  • If you really want your Decision Making to be precise then have less variety— George miller
  • Choices those which are influenced by advertisement for them
  • Use your fair intelligent. Never make decisions when you are angry


Our choices should be principle based not pleasure based.

Here is very nice and perfect  example for this point example of Taj hotel staff when that incident of Taj hotel happened we all are aware of that. The whole staff besides knowing the every single door from where they could escape  decided to stay there for there customers sake. Their decision is based on principles values not on pleasure based. And all the staff  is from remote villages its not that  they have given training before hand what to do when such situations will  arise in hotel. The decision they made its from their values. And what is the eligibility of the staff their values …the result was their hospitality..because of the values they followed in their Life help them to make the right decision at that time. So our decisions should be beyond the discrimination, preferences and choices but should based on our principles and values.


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