Tips for Building Android Mobile and Tablet Apps

1. Check Popular Apps

Before you actually start writing your own apps, you definitely want to research the market if there are already exisiting apps providing the planned features. If there are, then take notes about what they provide and ask yourself if you are confident in doing better.

2. Model After Existing Sample Codes

If you installed the Android SDK, there are several great sample projects inside sdk/extras/android/support/samples showcasing almost all the user interface examples and major functionalities, which you can use as templates to build and modify for your apps.

3. Avoid Undocumented APIs

Some code worked at first but after a few Android SDK updates, it stopped working.

4. Layout for Device Orientation and Various Screen Sizes

Since devices have embedded orientation sensors and they are usually defaulted to automatic mode, we need to account for that to provide a better user experience.

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