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Win Win mentality in today’s world

Today’s world is competitive arena. Materialistic people always into calculation today I have 2 million $ tomorrow I will have 10 million $ that person is my rival seems very strong I ll defeat him, I will cut him down I will climb over everyone’s head and climb the laddern towards success. This way people try to accumulate wealth by illegal means and do so many ill things in order to have fame, position and money in society no matters how it comes.
Today’s world is cut throat competition world. Everybody lives in great fear and in constant anxiety that my rival will lead me, will through me out of the market. There is always fear that anytime I can be under foreign subjugation. Fear principal is very prominent in today’s day to day life. Fear of loose, fear of failure, fear of being bankrupt so many fears. So in such kind of atmosphere how one can be in enthusiastic to move forward all the time. How to have that Win Win situation all the time without going through any illegal means.
Here are some Principal’s following them will help us to be always energetic and enthusiastic in our fields with all fair deeds. Lets have a look over them one by one:
Some Principal’s to maintain win win situation all the time.
1 The most ideal way of living in this world is WIN WIN. Win win means live and let live. If you want to deal with any body in this world just cultivate the habit of win win by having the point in my mind let live and let other live.

2. See life as cooperating arena don’t see it as competitive arena.
One very famous saying by Mahatma Gandhi – “Here is enough for everyone’s need not for one man’s greed”
Life is cooperating arena don’t see it as competitive arena. Which means we all have enough for our need. You have enough for yourself and I have enough for myself. It need to clear out one has to become broadminded. Cut out the `abundance mentality’.

3. Commitments : if one make promises and one has to keep promises also. Honesty means to say what you will do and promise means to do what you say and integrity means you do what you have said. Which is more difficult both are difficult but integrity is more difficult. One has to keep integrity either one is student or working employee etc. Generally People don’t keep words. Commitment means keeping the word.
One need to check always:
• Do I have integrity
• Mutual benefits see that other party may not be in so loss, it should be win win for both sides. As the principle of bargaining both parties will be satisfied.

• keep promises.

• See is it what I am doing follows the principle of live and let live.

Keeping above four points in mind help us to deal with the thing of cut throat competition

Here is one example of different types of approach by parents towards their children in dealing day to day things.
First kind of parents are permissive. They are very soft hearted they let their children do what they like. Here the approach is lose win. Result is children may fall into bad things, they may misuse the lenancy givej by parents.

Second kind of parents are those who are authoritative. That children should do what they said. This approach is win lose. That is parents are most dominating. Results still with so many consequences.

Third kind of parents are assertive. They let their parents do what they want but under their supervision. In this case both parents and children are satisfied. Its win win approach. Mutual benefits are here both are happy.

Fourth is aggressive parents. Parents never take losing position that is no bargaining still many consequences.

Respect, trust and affection within a team is vital for win. Maturity should imbibed in us. Maturity means balance between boldness and sincerity.
Everybody is having individual goals but aligned with team goal that is everyone has dream to top in exam its individual goal but all has to pass its entire class goal so individual should align with all class preparing for one’s exam and helping others in preparation will not only help individual but will help others to. Take blessings of superior always. Remain in touch with ground reality. Don’t see only from one point of view then you may go fanatic. You have to see all the the perspective. Don’t just hold on to one ideology. Learn how to see from different vision.

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