JSWT first deep-field image

How science can inspire ‘peak experiences’ that improve well-being

[ad_1] NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI In the middle of the last century, the psychologist Abraham Maslow set about investigating the foundations of happiness. Interviewing people about their lives, he was intrigued to find that many reported having experienced rare moments of epiphany, associated with “awe… rapture, ecstasy or bliss” in which “all separateness or […]

Geoscientists are using telecom 'dark fibres' to map Earth’s innards

Geoscientists are using telecom ‘dark fibres’ to map Earth’s innards

[ad_1] Fibre optic cables designed to carry telecommunications can also be used to map Earth’s interior Connect world/Shutterstock Offline telecom cables called “dark fibres” can be used to sense underground seismic waves. Geophysicists are increasingly using such signals to study aspects of Earth’s subsurface, including hidden sources of geothermal energy and earthquake hazards. “If a […]

Digital Human Brain Covered with Networks

Why AIs that tackle complex maths could be the next big breakthrough

[ad_1] Andriy Onufriyenko/Getty Images For Bill Gates, artificial intelligence is the most important invention since the internet or the personal computer. For Google boss Sundar Pichai, it will have a more profound impact than electricity and fire. Already, though, there are signs the AI revolution may be faltering. Since OpenAI released its landmark GPT-4 system […]