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Keyword Density

Keyword density is important part of a SEO compaign . It tells how often a search term appears in a text in ratio to the total number of words it contains. If a keyword  appears two times in a 100 word text then the keyword density would be 2%. Keyword density will be different for […]


The Impact of Social Media in SEO

Social media is a great way to measure what real people think about a particular website. The search engines are able to pick up on this and use this information to help determine how the website should be ranked. The following will show the impact of Social Media in SEO; Social Links May or May […]

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RAD: The PHP.Show Concept

Introduction When it comes to repetitive code, writing the same code for different apps for different clients, this always proves as a tedious exercise and that’s why we always want to have a quick way around it. If you are a software developer, you are aware of the For Next loop and the Do While […]


SOLID Principles (PHP)

Understanding SOLID principles What is the SOLID-principles? According to Wikipedia’s definition it’s abbreviation of the five basic principles of design classes in object-oriented design: – Single responsibility – Open-closed – Liskov substitution – Interface segregation – Dependency inversion 1. Single Responsibility So, as an example lets take popular and widely-used example – an online store […]