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Education is the greatest power in the good hands, it can give the greatest benefits. But when the power is in the wrong hands, it creates the most terrible destruction.We all know about Albert Einstein, who is the greatest scientist, together with other, big, big education, academic scholars, they discovered atomic energy. Their idea, because basically they were religious people, who believed in god, their idea was, they would take, their discoveries, they investigation into subtler and subtler aspect of nature and use it for the benefit and welfare of humanity. But what happened, it came into the wrong hands, it came into the hand of other great scientists, and other big, big PHD, MA and politicians. And they used that knowledge to create devises of messed, destruction and miseries, bombs. The problems in this world are not caused by the simple person who is in their farms and villages, the problems in the world; the real problems are being caused by the people in the highest racket of education and scholarship. They are the ones, polluting the air, polluting the water, polluting the earth, polluting the mind, and creating so many needless facilities simply to try to entertain their bored and frustrated lives.

What is the solution

Answer is very simple if you are not a part of solution ; you are simply a part of problem. The solution is SELF MANAGEMENT.

So what is this Self management. First thing in self management starts with the mind as the mind can be a best friend or can be a worst enemy and when the mind is uncontrolled it can lead a person towards destruction and is the worst enemy. But if the same mind is controlled it is your best friend and will help you to lead a prosperous life and then the question of self management came. Because management may be of anything is conducive only in favourable atmosphere.

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