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Education is the greatest power in the good hands, it can give the greatest benefits. But when the power is in the wrong hands, it creates the most terrible destruction.We all know about Albert Einstein, who is the greatest scientist, together with other, big, big education, academic scholars, they discovered atomic energy. Their idea, because […]

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Time Management

LETS SEE THE TRIPLE S FORMULA FOR TIME MANAGEMENT! A teacher entered a classroom with an empty jug and then filled the jug with big rocks. And asked the students whether it is full or not. Students repiled that it is full. Then the teacher brought smaller stones and they occupied the space between the […]

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Power Of Habits

The essential disease is that the mind is identifying with this body as the self. The essential disease is that we have forgotten our true spiritual nature. We are eternal, we are full of knowledge and we are full of bliss. It is our nature to be happy sac-cid-ananda. We must have that happiness some […]


Education system in engineering

For faculty few questions, first question is most of the students who joined the engineering collage. When one check their resume they have 80-90% in their in 10th standard and about 70-80% or above 85% in 12th standard and 60% in their collage. Why there is a decrease in percentage..just introspect for a while …why […]