Education system in engineering

For faculty few questions, first question is most of the students who joined the engineering collage. When one check their resume they have 80-90% in their in 10th standard and about 70-80% or above 85% in 12th standard and 60% in their collage. Why there is a decrease in percentage..just introspect for a while …why this is happening.
Second question, If you have seen the students they have never had a fear of failing a subject but then why do you think that they are so much scared and afraid specially before exams that they might fail the exam, they never had that fear before what do you think why this happening. And intermediate collages or when they are in 10th standard if you see they go to classes because they enjoy the classes and they never knew the thing called attendance criteria but once they coming to they come and attend the classes only for the attendance and they never enjoy the any of the classes why do you think that it is happening. And after studying for four years most of them won’t get job in any product based company or they might get job in service based company or get job in small companies and that is also not on the basis of this four years but what they have learned in their 10th and 12th standard. Why do you think it is happening. After doing for 4 years why do they go for coaching center paying huge amount wasting their money and time to learn the same thing they had already studied in their 4 years of collage what is the need ..why do you think it happened. And during that one year they go through sever stress and many of them worked also side by side…such a frustration period they passed through.
Can you imagine the mind set of a student who is preparing at home for some competitive exam after this 4 years. just imagine the pain he is going through. most of the people are getting depressed, anxiety, and most of them are becoming suicidal that is to the one extreme the other extreme you know what is happening u know the crime rate in India the growing rate in India is student. the same students who are really good in academics. they suddenly loose interest completely in academics and they are becoming criminals. one extreme they are loosing their hope and other extreme they becoming dangerous to the society why do you think it is happening.

can you imagine the damage that is happening to the country to the society or to the career of this student to their family and to the country as a whole. …who is responsible for this. what do you think is the main reason.
the truth is the faculty is responsible for all this. when a student join the college if u ask him what are their dreams some say they want to open their own company or wanna join Microsoft or google..but can you imagine the same student having the confidence before joining the college if you ask him after 4 years they were not even qualified to pass the companies written exam. Now they will be to scared to sit in any interview. after 4 years they have lost their confidence. And if they try or wanna learn at their own the faculty had threatened them that they will not give therm attendance. can u imagine yourself sitting to watch a movie for 3 hrs which is extremely boring. the same what will be the position of a student who is forced to sit in the class which is not a tall enjoyable and nothing to learn. faculty is meant to change the life of student for a good but now a days it has changed to the worst. damaged by the terrorist is seen to every one but the damaged caused by such a faculty is not a tall seen which is very dangerous. better such faculty not interested in teaching putting their best in teaching should leave the job or try to improve themselves at least. A small message from all the engineering students for their faculty.

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