The whole new experience on Uber update for iOS

Uber has finally pushed out its much awaited update for iOS, which is supposed to bring a whole new riding experience for its customers. The new app gets a complete design overhaul and is expected to take users back to its humble beginnings with a modern twist. Whole new experience now.

Tap open the app and you will notice that it gets straight to the point, no random questions, and no distractions, just the number of rides available with a big floating “Where to?” bar along with three suggestions as floating buttons at the bottom and the map as the background.

Uber ap confirmation:
Swipe to the left or right and you will see the route and the cab options change along with their estimated price tags appearing right there. A tiny detail just above the Request Uber button at the bottom also shows how many people the selected car can seat. All of this on one screen with true minimalism to keep things clutter-free even on the 4.6-inch display of an iPhone 6s.

Uber App UX

The new Uber app also knows that we often go places to meet people. So why not make a person in your contacts list a destination? Once you have given the app access to your contacts, you can simply set the person you want to meet as your destination. From there the app will send your contact a message so that they can reveal their location and you can get to them instead of a nearby landmark.

Need some options? Swipe up from the main screen to access Messages from Uber, along with offers all in a neat card-like layout.

Need to check on that last trip? Simply tap on that hamburger icon on the top left and you can access details like Payment, Trips, Free Rides, the Help section and finally Settings.

Lastly, there is also Calendar integration where you will now be able to connect your Calendar to Uber. All the meetings and appointments will appear as shortcuts, making the entire process much easier and streamlined.

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