PHP Projects Synopsis

Web Mesh up in Knowledge Management

Web Mesh up is a website that stores and retrieves knowledge, locate knowledge sources, captures & uses knowledge, or in some other way enhances knowledge management process.

The Web Mesh up is a Web site where Administrator  can upload recorded videos of  lectures.

  • Students can search, access the lecture text/videos by viewing them on-line and rate them.

 Project Objective

  • The purpose of the Web Mesh up is to provide a means for students at universities and colleges to access recorded videos of class lectures at a centralized site.
  • Not all educational institutions have the extensive IT systems with the high-bandwidth necessary to serve a large number of users concurrently accessing real-time streaming video.
  • The centralized site would be provided as a means to provide this service at a reasonable cost to the education institutions.
  • This site would not be located at any particular educational institution, but at an off-site location that can be accessed by any number of colleges and universities over the Internet.

 Web Mesh up System Overview

The Web Mesh up consists of four subsystems:

  • College Course Registration System
  • Student Subsystem
  • Application Administrator Subsystem

 Project Scope –

 Both the Student and Instructor subsystems are included as part of this project. This consists of:

  • The database to hold the user, course and lecture information.
  • The Web site to implement the Web pages and dynamic code and to store the lecture text and Video   files themselves.

 The Web Mesh up system itself consists of two main parts:


The database that manages the video files of the lectures as well as the students and instructors using the Web Mesh up. The Student and Instructor users who will be actively using the system will be registered on the Web Mesh up. User information is stored in the Web Mesh up database itself. The lecture text and video files are physically stored on the Web server. Only the filename of each of the video files is stored in the database.

Web Server

This contains the Web pages for accessing the Web Mesh up as well as the dynamic server-side code for running them. The video files of the lectures are also stored on the Web server itself – not in the database. The video files are referenced in the database, though, to associate the specific video files with the college courses.

System Scope

The database and Web server together form the Course Lecture Video Web Mesh up itself.

The Application Administrator file server and Web server of the educational institution are both external to the Web Mesh up, but are necessary for the entire business solution to be fully functional. Again, both the Application Administrator subsystem and the college’s own course registration system are out-of-scope for this project. Only the Student and Instructor subsystems are implemented.

 System Development

As mentioned above, there are many technologies available that can be used to effectively implement the Web Mesh up. The system can be developed with any Web server and relational database available, as long as both of these components are highly scalable. Also, any Web programming language can be used to implement the dynamic code for the Web pages, as long as it is server–side code. This is necessary for both user and system security.

Web Server and Programming Language

The Web server for this project is Apache Server. This server is already implemented on the existing system that was chosen. The programming language used is PHP  for implementing the Web pages and server-side code.

Technologies to be used:

  • PHP:
  • MYSQL:
  • Ajax: Asynchronous Java Script, XML and XForms.
  • Web 2.0: RSS Feed 2.0.
  • DREAMVIEWER: Development tool.
  • Localization: English

Architecture Design:


ER Diagram:


Sequence Diagram:


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