Java Projects Synopsis

Prison Management System

This project is aimed at developing a prison management system that is collection of registers and reports for the effective management of prisons. This system should contain the modules like Nominal roll, Case register, Parole register, Automated release diary generator, Duty register, Interview requests and In-out register. Besides this police and government officials can see crimes/criminals reports for their purpose.

• Nominal Roll: The details of the prisoner and his/her demographic details should be captured. A digital photo comprising different views of the prisoner and the list of articles surrendered by prisoner during nominal roll are to be recorded.

• Case register: All the details of the cases against the prisoner should be captured. This must include the sentence details, remand/conviction details, etc.

• Automated release diary generator: This report should be display the list of prisoners to be released on a day, the next day, the next week, the next month, or any given duration of time. The system should consider the reduction of sentence length due to various considerations.

• Parole register: This module should track all prisoners on parole and provide necessary reports on this data.

• Duty register:

• In-out register: An in-out register will track all prisoners and others who move in and out for various reasons. This should include provisions for recording the prisoners sent to courts for hearing.

• Interview requests: All interview requests by the relatives of the prisoners need to be recorded and tracked.

• Funds allotted and routine accounting transactions should be captured.

• Various demographic analysis reports and status reports are to be generated.

The Scope of the Prison Management System includes:
• The system should have a login.

• System should support for interview requests and In-out register modules for visitors.

• System should support for Data Entry module for Nominal Roll, Case register for each prisoner entering in the prison.

• Automated release diary generator.

• Administrator should be able to generate various reports prisoner wise, case wise and visitor wise.

• Administrator should be able to manage the various funds and accounting transactions.







ER Diagram:


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